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Journey of a Thousand Shuttles

Journey of a Thousand Shuttles

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'Journey of a Thousand Shuttles: The Philippine Weave' documents the textile weaving traditions practiced by various ethno-linguistic groups in the Philippines. Authored by Norma A. Respicio, it situates the traditions in their historical perspective by presenting a short but carefully woven narrative of their development from their earliest possible beginnings, as suggested by archaeological finds, spanning the centuries of colonial rule to the present. 

Respicio describes her work as an “introductory book to allow the reader to have a more expensive and critical view of textiles as an artistic expression and a cultural heritage.”

Winner, Art Category, 34th National Book Awards, 2015. 

National Commission for Culture and the Arts, Philippines


Softcover / 9.5 x 7.75 inches / 153 pages / Color / presented in a slipcase with a field notebook


ISBN: 978-971-814-207-3

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