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Jose S. Pardo: In Line With Modernism

Jose S. Pardo: In Line With Modernism

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One of the ’13 Moderns’, Jose S. Pardo (b.1916-2002) belonged to the first generation of modernist painters in the Philippines. A full-time architect and dedicated teacher, his body of works span over six decades and include drawings, paintings, editorial cartoons, and poetry. Donated by the Pardo family, these works - notably, the Carabao series, Marikit and Nude series, Vendors series, and Plants series - are now in the permanent collection of the Ateneo Art Gallery. Celebrating Jose S. Pardo’s contribution to modern Philippine art, this exhibition catalog includes an essay by Victoria T. Herrera.

Cover image:
Jose S. Pardo, ‘Self-Portrait,’ undated

Ateneo Art Gallery, Philippines

Publication Date:
April 2003

Softcover / 8.5 x 8.5 inches / 36 pages / Color


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