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Islands and Ancestors: Indigenous Styles of Southeast Asia

Islands and Ancestors: Indigenous Styles of Southeast Asia

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This is an accompanying publication of the two-part exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1988. Drawing upon the extensive collection of the Barbier-Mueller Museum in Geneva, and supplemented by loans and gifts from private sources, the exhibition is the first semi-permanent showing of non-Western art to be organized by a museum in New York.

The exhibition focuses on the world of Southeast Asian indigenous art, particularly in mainland Southeast Asia, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Indonesia. It features the rich legacy of sculpture in wood and stone, textiles and jewelry through the imposing stone monuments of the Nias and the Batak of Sumatra, the dynamism of Dayak carving from Borneo, and the human qualities of the wooden figures from Sulawesi, Flores, and the Philippines, to name a few. Although subjected to waves of Hindu, Buddhist, and Islamic influence, these ancient cultures preserved their identity and vitality for hundreds of years.

Includes 76 full-page color and duotone photographs, 280 black-and-white photographs and 12 maps.

Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA
Barbier-Mueller Museum, Switzerland

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Hardcover / 12 x 9.30 inches / 261 pages / Color


ISBN: 3-7913-0899-8

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