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A monograph on the life and work of US-based Filipino painter Venancio C. Igarta (1912-2001) written by Celia Zenaida Aborro and Shehbaz Safrani. He first arrived in the US to work as a farmhand during the Depression era in the 1930s. He later studied art at the Art Students' League in New York and began experimenting with painting and color theories. "He found work with the Color Aid company as a color mixer, where he developed, by eye – what he called: 'the thinking eye' – not by formula, the standardized color card packets still in use today. Igarta spent over three decades studying color relationships, durability, depth, and alteration at Color Aid and has called his color study project, which he has been enlarging over the last decades, the 'synopsis and syntax of color mutation'.   

Celia Zenaida Aborro and Shehbaz Safrani, Philippines & USA

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Hardcover / 9.25 x 12.25 inches / 152 pages / Color


One copy only. Previously owned. Good condition.

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