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Grade 3: Kwento Ni Doktor Karayom

Grade 3: Kwento Ni Doktor Karayom

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Doktor Karayom is a Filipino artist. This is his first book, with Tagpo Story Collection of Istorya Studios.

Grade 3 is at once nostalgic and traumatized, current and timeless, resigned and indignant. It illustrates in Doktor Karayom's bloodied stream of consciousness, that childhood is the kind of horror movie that spawns countless sequels— especially if you grew up in a country where the ruling dynasties span lifetimes and body counts greater than those of vampires.

                                                             —Moira Lang (screenwriter, producer)

Istorya Studios, Inc., Philippines

Publication Date:

Hardcover / 8.00 x 5.50 inches / 215 pages / Color

Filipino, English

ISBN: 978-621-96839-0-6