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Figuring Filipino Utopia

Figuring Filipino Utopia

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Curated by Charlie Samuya Veric, Figuring Filipino Utopia explores the founding of the Ateneo Art Gallery (AAG), the first institution of its kind in the Philippines, in the context of modern art after the Second World War and the unspoken utopian vision that underpins its development. Bookended by the destruction of Manila and the contemporary themes represented by select artists, the exhibition immerses the viewer in modern art as it highlights the utopian context of the AAG from the period of decolonization, which saw the emergence of a new postcolonial state, to the current times of economic meltdowns and environmental crises, which demand brave new futures. The exhibition consists of fourteen sections illuminating key historical moments in modern art in the country from the last half century. At its heart lies the hope to reexamine the paths that Filipino art has taken to envision a modern nation in pursuit of freedom.

Ateneo Art Gallery, Philippines

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Softcover / 8 x 8 inches / 32 pages / Color


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