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Feasts of Merit

Feasts of Merit

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An accompanying publication of an exhibition at the Museo Kordilyera in 2018, Feasts of Merit revolves around the large-scale feasts sponsored by village aristocrats in traditional Cordillera societies to affirm and validate their social status. At center stage is the series of feasts hosted by the upper-class kadangyan in Ifugao society, which are the most elaborate articulations of the prestige feast in the Cordillera, as well as the lesser scale peshit of the Ibaloy in Benguet and the chono of the Bontok in the Mountain Province. More than just a mere accounting of specific prestige feasts, the exhibit inevitably touches on the issue of class structure, with the prestige feasts illustrating the dynamics of class relationships in traditional Cordillera society.

Museo Kordilyera, Philippines

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Softcover / 10 x 8 inches / 206 pages / Color, BW


ISBN: 978-621-95884-0-9

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