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Elmer Borlongan

Elmer Borlongan

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Elmer Borlongan: An Ordinary Man, An Extraordinary Life is a two-volume monograph on the life and works of contemporary Filipino artist Elmer Borlongan (b. 1967). Known for his expressionist paintings dominated by often distorted human figures, Borlongan was a founding member of the group Salingpusa and the Sanggawa Art Collective and a recipient of the 1994 Thirteen Artist Award from the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

The first volume of the monograph surveys 25 years of the artist's paintings, while the second volume focuses on his drawings and sketches from 1978 to 2017. It includes essays by Oscar Campomanes, Cyan Abad-Jugo and Ma. Victoria Herrera, as well as a conversation led by editor Rica Bolipata-Santos with collectors of Borlongan's works. 

Sayong's Pasilyo Country Living and Bookstore, Philippines

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Two-volume with slipcase / 12.25 x 12.25 inches / Color


ISBN: 978-621-96048-1-9

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