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Edades and the 13 Moderns

Edades and the 13 Moderns

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Victorio C. Edades (1895-1985) introduced modernism to the Philippine art scene in the late 1920s. His ideas were considered radical deviations from the accepted standards of beauty and form, which at that time, followed the 'beau ideal' rooted in the Italian renaissance. Edades made a list of 13 moderns that championed expression and defended distortion and abstraction in art. This book documents the historical debate between the moderns and the conservatives of Edades’ time, and presents works from the early years of modernism in Philippine painting until the 1950s.

Cover Image: Victorio C. Edades, ‘The Builders’, 1928.

Cultural Center of the Philippines

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Softcover / 12 x 9 inches / 85 pages / BW & Color


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