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E. Aguilar Cruz: The Writer as Painter

E. Aguilar Cruz: The Writer as Painter

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The second edition of Ambeth Ocampo's monograph on E. Aguilar Cruz, previously titled The Paintings of E. Aguilar Cruz, this book provides a sketch of the life and work of artist and writer Emilio Aguilar Cruz (1915-1991). He is known for his impressionistic landscapes and nude paintings that reflected his classical training in the School of Fine Arts headed by Fabian dela Rosa. He founded the Dimasalang Group together with Sofonio Y. Mendoza (SYM) and was also associated with the Saturday Group of artists. Alongside painting, Cruz also pursued a career as a journalist and was the editor of the Manila Times and Daily Mirror.

RPD Publications, Philippines

Publication Date:

Hardcover / 8 x 5.75 inches / 129 pages / Color


ISBN: 978-621-95833-2-9

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