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Czar Kristoff: To Destroy Is To Build

Czar Kristoff: To Destroy Is To Build

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Czar Kristoff's To Destroy Is To Build is "an examination of a series of videos of building demolitions found on Instagram. Buildings are generally made to shelter people. Seeing it as a man-made entity created from concrete, metal and/or glass, all of which came from the earth asserts its identity as a monument of humanity’s power over the world we live in. It is possible that through the documentation, distribution, and reproduction of its collapse, we can preserve its destruction with the purpose of making an event of taking down symbols of power, greed, displacement, and violence, further monumentalizing the destruction as a form of celebration, as a form of reclamation of power and redefinition space."

Czar Kristoff, Philippines

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Offset print / 8.5 x 6.5 inches / 40 pages 

Edition of 500.