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Cuenca: Sketchbook of a Spanish Hill Town

Cuenca: Sketchbook of a Spanish Hill Town

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In this book, Fernando Zóbel shares his memories in Cuenca, Spain from 1963-1965 through annotated drawings in ink and watercolor. Entranced by the mood, style, and charm of the city and its inhabitants, this book is "a record of [the artist's] infatuation" with the hill town of Cuenca.

First published in 1970 by Walker Publishing Company in New York, this second edition, now including Spanish translations, was published to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first edition in English.

Fundación Juan March, Spain

Publication Date:
First printing, 1970 
Second printing, 2020

Hardcover / 8.62 x 7.87 inches / 95 pages / Color

English, Spanish

ISBN: 0-8027-0328-3

One copy only. Previously owned, very good condition.