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Claude Tayag: Grand Tour 1979-1980

Claude Tayag: Grand Tour 1979-1980

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Claude Tayag's limited edition book, Grand Tour 1979-1980, features his collection of watercolor postcards, which he sent to family and friends during his travels in Europe and Japan. Annotated and shown together with the letters written by the artist, the book is an intimate record of the various countries and cultures he encountered during his trip. Each handcrafted book is signed and numbered by the artist. 

Claude Tayag (b. 1956) is an accomplished painter known for his acrylic and watercolor landscapes and scenes of religious and folk imagery. He is also noted for his work as a furniture designer, restaurateur, and food writer for The Philippine Star.    


NMO Atelier, Philippines

Publication Date:

Softcover with mylar sleeves / 9 x 12 inches / Unpaged / Color


Edition of 100.