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Children of the Postcolony

Children of the Postcolony

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Writing against historical forgetting, Charlie Samuya Veric reconstructs the foundations of Filipino postcolonial thought following Philippine Independence from the United States in 1946. He narrates the rise of postcolonial knowledge after the formal birth of the nation and examines the ideas of the first generation of intellectuals who came of age after independence - Edith Tiempo, Fernando Zobel, Bienvenido Lumbera, E. San Juan, and Jose Maria Sison - whose insights into literary formalism, modern art, vernacular tradition, subaltern internationalism, and mass revolution constitute key cultural archives of postcolonial knowledge production.

Ateneo de Manila University Press, Philippines

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Softcover / 9 x 6 inches / 241 pages / BW


ISBN: 978-971-550-982-4