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But For The Lovers

But For The Lovers

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In the 25 years since its original publication, Wilfrido D. Nolledo’s But for the Lovers has acquired an underground reputation as one of the most remarkable novels about World War II. Set in the Philippines, this book depicts the survival of a cross-section of Filipinos during the Japanese Occupation and the American Liberation.

Ranging from hallucinatory lyricism to documentary realism, from black humor sketches to scenes of horror and degradation, But for the Lovers is a rich and complex exploration of language, history, and mythology.

Born in 1933, Nolledo was an influential figure in Philippine literature. He received acclaim for his short stories and earned multiple Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards. Nolledo passed away in 2004.

This reprint includes a foreword by Gina Apostol and an introduction by Audrey Carpio.

Exploding Galaxies, Philippines

Publication Date:

Softcover / 5.51 x 7.04 inches / 440 pages / BW

English, Filipino

ISBN: 978-621-96757-0-3

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