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Boxer Codex (HB)

Boxer Codex (HB)

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In 1947, Iberian colonial maritime scholar Charles R. Boxer acquired a late 16th c. manuscript by an anonymous scribe who had compiled eyewitness accounts of Spanish and Portuguese expeditions. Through detailed descriptions and lavish illustrations, this manuscript depicted the customs, costumes, and ways of life of the peoples of East and Southeast Asia, particularly the Philippines. 

This new bilingual edition, transcribed and annotated by Isaac Donoso and translated by Ma. Luisa Garcia, Carlos Quirino and Mauro Garcia, marks the beginning of the commemoration of 500 years of Philippine-Spanish encounters from 1521 to 2021. 

Vibal Foundation Inc., Philippines

Publication Date:

Hardcover / 10.25 x 7.6 inches / 392 pages / Color

English, Spanish

ISBN: 978-971-97-0693-9

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