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Arkitekturang Pilipino (Set of 2)

Arkitekturang Pilipino (Set of 2)

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Arkitekturang Pilipino is a comprehensive two-volume resource on Philippine architecture and urban history edited by Gerard Lico.

Volume I covers early history to the American colonial era, with chapters on Early Philippine Settlers and Landscapes; Vernacular Architecture and its Austronesian Ancestry; Muslim Space and Philippine Islamic Architecture; Hispanic Structuring of Colonial Space; Architecture and Urban Design in the New Tropical Colony of the United States; The Emergence of Filipino Architects; and Art Deco and War.

Volume II covers the postcolonial to contemporary periods, with chapters on Architecture of Early Independence; Vernacular Renaissance and the Architecture of the New Society; Architecture of Pluralism and the Contemporary Urban Scenograph; and Heritage Stewardship: Conserving Philippine Architecture.

Gerard Lico is a Professor at the College of Architecture, University of the Philippines Diliman, where he serves concurrently as Director of the Research Office and Head of the History, Theory, and Criticism Studio Laboratory. As an architect, he has risen to the top of the field in heritage conservation, undertaking the protection, conservation, restoration, and rehabilitation of important heritage sites and structures.

Arc Lico International Service and University of the Philippines College of Architecture, Philippines
Publication Date:
Softcover/ 10 x 7 inches / 1044 pages / BW
ISBN: 978-621-96242-2-0