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Ang Kiukok: The Golden Years (1954-2004)

Ang Kiukok: The Golden Years (1954-2004)

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An accompanying publication of the exhibition 'Ang Kiukok: The Golden Years (1954-2004)' presented by the Ayala Museum. The exhibition is held in celebration of National Artist Ang Kiukok's 85th birth anniversary and features fifty works, including paintings, ceramic vases and plates made by the artist over a fifty year period.

The artworks were personally selected by the artist's son, Andrew Ang, who also comes in as the exhibition’s guest curator. The show is presented in three sections representing the early, middle, and late period of Ang Kiukok’s artistic career. Many of the objects that are part of the show have never been documented nor publicly exhibited, including black-and-white and colored works from the private collection of the Ang family.

'Ang Kiukok: The Golden Years (1954 – 2004)' is presented under Ayala Museum’s Images of Nation exhibition series. Launched in 2010, the program aims to highlight the extraordinary vision and formal excellence embodied by the country’s National Artists for the visual arts. Ang Kiukok was conferred the said honor in 2001."

Ayala Foundation, Philippines

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Hardcover / 11 x 11 inches / Unpaged / Color


ISBN: 978-621-8028-01-2

One copy only. Previously owned, good condition.

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