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Ambahan: A Love Story

Ambahan: A Love Story

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Inspired by the book, Bamboo Whisper: Poetry of the Mangyan, Quintin V. Paredes' Ambahan: A Love Story is a trilingual volume of poems in English, Filipino and the Mangyan script.

In the words of Dr. Nestor Castro, a cultural anthropologist from the University of the Philippines: "While honoring the tradition, he (Quintin) has introduced his own innovations in verse structure with fixed seven-line stanzas to create a more rigid art form while infusing new metaphors, contemporary themes; and from his experience, different aspects of love."

In 1997, the Mangyan script was declared a National Cultural Treasure by the government of the Philippines, and the following year, it was inscribed in the Memory of the World Registers of UNESCO (United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organization).

Far Eastern University, Philippines

Publication Date:

Softcover / 9 x 8.5 inches / 104 pages / Color

English, Filipino, Surat Mangyan

ISBN 978-971-678-064-2

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