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Alfonso Ossorio: Congregations

Alfonso Ossorio: Congregations

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A monograph published in conjunction with Alfonso Ossorio's solo exhibition organized by Klaus Kertess at The Parrish Art Museum in 1997. It is the first museum exhibition focused on Ossorio's complex assemblages, particularly those executed between 1959 and 1969, that include an astounding array of horns and antlers, eyes, shells, bones, teeth, chains, costume jewelry, nails, glass, miscellaneous plastic forms, and shards of broken china which he embedded onto his oil canvasses. While fully assimilating the abstract expressionist works of Pollock and Dubuffet, "Ossorio's deep scholarly and spiritual engagement with Catholicism and early liturgical art was finally and fully subsumed into a multivalent spirituality and polymorphous referentiality that were in tune with his own contemporary culture."

The Parrish Art Museum, USA

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Softcover / 11 x 9 inches / 94 pages / Color


ISBN: 0-943526-31-0