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Alfonso Ossorio: Horror Vacui

Alfonso Ossorio: Horror Vacui

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An accompanying publication of a solo exhibition featuring the work of Philippine-born artist Alfonso Ossorio (1916 - 1990). The exhibition, presented by Michael Rosenfeld Gallery in conjunction with the Ossorio Foundation, is a comprehensive survey of the artist’s evolving career, including approximately forty-five works dating from 1936 to 1990.

The exhibition title, Horror Vacui, derives from the term’s first use in connection with Ossorio by biographer B.H. Friedman, who sought to describe that particular combination of Ossorio’s psyche and artistic versatility, which consistently produced compositions devoid of empty space. Ossorio’s early exposure to primitive art at the Peabody Museum at Harvard University and his later co-founding role in the organization L’Art Brut in America, enabled him to attain fluency in the “prodigiously fecund” language of the authentic visionary. Though the aversion to empty space signified by horror vacui usually connotes a fear of such spaces, in Ossorio’s case, it should be understood as stemming from a daring to fill space.

Michael Rosenfeld Gallery, USA

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Hardcover / 11.25 x 8.75 inches / 80 pages / Color


ISBN: 1-930416-18-0