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A Woman's Impression of the Philippines

A Woman's Impression of the Philippines

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Originally published in 1910, A Woman's Impression of the Philippines by Mary Helen Fee looks at the Philippines through the eyes of an American schoolteacher stationed in Capiz in the early 1900s. A humorous and sensitive writer, she leads readers through the triumphs and travails of florid declamation, goats in the classroom, American cooking in a nipa kitchen, baseball played with a pomelo for a ball, and the introduction of a new coin. The book also contains her astute observations on the Filipino character as it reacts to the new colonizers. Today's discerning reader will feel pathos for education-hungry Filipinos struggling with the strange new culture and having such a difficult time of it because they had to bury their own.

GCF Books, Philippines

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Softcover / 8.5 x 5.5 inches / 269 pages / BW


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