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The Convents of Manila

This book by Pedro Luengo aims to give a new perspective on the architecture and its global references developed in Manila during the Iberian Union (1580-1640). It specifically focuses on...


The Critical Villa: Essays in Literary Criticism

Known as the man who transformed Philippine poetry in English, Jose Garcia Villa established a school of verse that dominated Philippine writing in English in the 1950s and 1960s. He...


The Cry of Balintawak

For nearly a century, the Cry of Balintawak - a major turning point in Philippine history - has been the subject of controversy with conflicting accounts of when and where it...


The Disasters of Democracy

Working from Francisco Goya's landmark aquatint etchings Los Caprichos and the Ateneo Art Gallery’s collection of Goya's Los Disparates, also known as Los Proverbios, Manuel Ocampo and Jigger Cruz collaborate...

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The Discovery of the Igorots

William Henry Scott's book tells the dramatic story of the Igorots' response to foreign invasion. It paints a unique picture of military and missionary confrontation with a Filipino culture defending...


The Drama of It: A Life on Film and Theater

An autobiography of Daisy Hontiveros Avellana, 'The Drama of It' narrates the story of Daisy and her husband, film and stage director Lamberto Avellana. Both proclaimed National Artists for Theater...


The End of National Cinema

Patrick F. Campos’ work links classic celluloid cinema to the emergence of digital filmmaking in the 2000s. It maps Philippine independent cinema within the regional crosscurrents of Southeast Asian film, the...

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The Fifties

Part of a series of reproductions of ten posters from the archive of the Cultural Center of Philippines, which was featured in the exhibition "Poster/ity: 50 Years of Art and...


The Filipino Primitive

The Filipino Primitive: Accumulation and Resistance in the American Museum by Sarita Echavez See draws interdisciplinary and intermedial connections among anthropology, museum curation, visual culture, performance, and literature. The theoretical...