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Patterns for the Filipino Dress

Patterns for the Filipino Dress

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'Patterns for the Filipino Dress: From the Traje de Mestiza to the Terno (1890s-1960s)' is a pioneering study on the history of the Philippine dress written by National Artist for Theater and Design Salvador F. Bernal and Georgina R. Encanto. The book is a study of the dress traditionally worn by upper class Filipinas and focuses in particular on the various cuts of the 'terno' and its earlier forms. The patterns reproduced in the book serve as a practical guide for costume makers, designers and researchers and provide an overview of women's fashion in the Philippines.

Cultural Center of the Philippines

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Hardcover / 12.25 x 12.25 inches / 112 pages / BW, Color


ISBN: 971-8546-12-X

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