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Barangay: Sixteenth-Century Philippine Culture and Society

Barangay: Sixteenth-Century Philippine Culture and Society

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William Henry Scott's book presents an ethnography of the Philippines during the 16th century based on an extensive collection of published sources on how Spaniards actually described Filipinos when they first encountered them. It includes information on a wide range of topics, from physical appearance, food and farming, trade, religion, literature, sciences, social organization, and warfare. A substantial portion of the book covered the Visayas, while the second half surveys the rest of the archipelago from north to south. 

Ateneo de Manila University Press, Philippines

Publication Date:
First printing, 1994
Seventh printing, 2015

Softcover / 9 x 6 inches / 306 pages / BW


ISBN: 971-550-135-4

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